The client experience

"My wife and I have invested with TMGA Wealth Management since its inception in 2021, a new company built on years of experience.

We have known Tim Sanders, Mike Caetano and Greg Powell for some years and we have confidently invested our funds with them as their career paths have progressed. Meetings at our home or in their office are arranged on a regular basis and details of relevant markets and investments are discussed together with future expectations.

We highly recommend their dedicated personal and professional services."

Private Client of TMGA Wealth Management

Our investment philosophy

Our investment philosophy is based on patience and discipline allowing us to capture the most compelling investment opportunities for you. As a dynamic, boutique Wealth Manager, we are nimble in our decision making and flexible in our approach. We are not distracted by market noise and short terms trends – instead our focus is on delivering a consistent and strong investment performance which achieves your long-term objectives.

Our investment approach

We are global investors, analysing and evaluating the investment landscape to identify emerging trends, new business cycles and global themes – this shapes our strategic, top-down view. We then use rigorous bottom-up research disciplines to inform and validate these views and implement them across our strategies in a balanced way. The result? Exposure to different regions, themes and sectors with reduced concentration risk and minimised portfolio volatility.

Value added – at every turn

We recognise that providing a value-added service is extremely important. That’s why we are transparent around our pricing structure and mindful of the cost of investing. When building and implementing our strategies, we utilise a combination of direct stocks and bonds, active and passive funds, seeking to minimise costs and add value in every decision we make.